Hi, thank you for finding Water in the Desert! I’m Darin, an aspiring spatial ecologist with an inordinate fondness  for plants and animals. I joined the Allen Lab (http://www.allenlab.org) in summer 2015 and am currently a PhD student in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology program at the University of Oklahoma.  My interests are diverse but generally intersect community and ecosystem ecology and emphasize spatial patterns and processes.  My dissertation work focuses on aquatic-terrestrial linkages and the role of material exchanges (e.g. movement of organisms, detritus or nutrients across ecosystem boundaries) in structuring foodwebs. I approach research by first developing hypotheses and formulating predictions with models (conceptual or mathematical).  I then confront these models with field and/or lab data and see where I went wrong. Outside contributing to ecology as a science, I anticipate my research to be applicable to understanding the impacts of decreasing water supplies and habitat loss.

The news tab is sort of a clearing house for anything worthy of news, a blog of sorts, hopefully water-related topics but possibly shameless self-promotion and cool photos of the places I visit.  I’ll set the lofty goal of updating this (bi)monthly – lets see if this happens 🙂 Feel free to get in touch with any questions or comments.

Take Care

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